Public School vs Homeschooling  
Can a Child Benefit From Having Time to Think & Contemplate? 
Public School  vs Homeschooling

As parents, when we consign our children to attend public schools, we are often satisfied (or should I say mullified). Yet we do not really know if they are receiving an adequate education, or if they are being treated right -- this goes for teachers as well as peers (who too often bully others). So, are we getting our money's worth? Should we do something such as homeschooling? 

Socialization in Public School System 

In considering public schools vs homeschooling, it should be pointed out that children who homeschool will miss out on the socialization aspect -- thus, you would have to find a way to socialize your child, be it through field trips, gatherings at libraries ("reading hour" or Storybook Theatre) and other events that encourage interaction between your child and other children.

Homeschooling Field Trips

If you conscientiously plan for plenty of outings, then your homeschooled child should be fine in this area. And with the internet, you can connect up a video cam for that matter. Your child can connect with other children in this way. So, despite the fact that socialization is hailed as a great advantage for kids, because they'll encounter and learn from their peers, the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages. Indeed, think of the downside - the risk of bullying, or to be pressured into using drugs or sex, or some other negative behavior. And it is far quieter at home - better for reading, learning, and contemplating.

This is something which your child cannot get at public school! Yes, the artificial "busy-ness" imposed on one at a public school does not often allow in-depth thought, or reading of classic literature - a truly enriching experience.

Today there are so many inventive things you can do at home. With online learning, and with being able to utilize a webcam to talk to others, there are endless possibilites. There are fun and educational websites, and then there's really mentally stimulating games over at

Right now, there's also springtime crafts, and fun cultural learning at  Learn about life as a Viking, in Social Studies section there. Also, there's fun cooking - your child could make "fossil pops", reindeer sandwiches, or find out what President Lincoln's favorite cakes were.  This site has an organized sitemap, so you can find your way around.

Also, you can type a question in a box, and a tutor will reply to your curious question.  Cool, huh?  That's what I call personal service.

Your student can learn about endangered ecosystems, too, at, which is quite an interactive learning experience; it has many resources and activities for kids to do.

Then, there's the exploratorium - something I enjoyed visiting as a teen.  And now, kids can go there online !  My favorite exhibit was the human heart - it had an actual heartbeat, and explained about neural pathways and the conducting of electricity through the human heart .

Anyway, I want to also provide the Top 10 sites for learning (this is according to ).

Note: Storybook Theatre tour often visits the local libraries, so check that; it provides a cultural experience for your child. It isbased on folktales, and provides a bit of history too.

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